HMMTeacher guides you in the learning of the mechanics of solving the main three HMM algorithms. From the input of the data of a pre-stated HMM, passing by choosing the questions asked and the algorithms to apply, to the final report, containing the step-by-step algorithms solution.

Select the alphabet of the observed sequence of states to use

DNA sequence (Maximum length of the observed sequence: 20 characters. )

Hidden states:

Protein sequence (Maximum length: 20 characters)

Hidden states:

Custom sequence (Maximum length: 20 characters)

Hidden states:

Input the data

PI Value

Random initial matrix

Transition matrix

Random transition matrix

Emission matrix

Random emission matrix

Select an algorithm

HMM algorithms

Position of the hidden state

Enter the hidden state
Observed states (Chain)
Observed states (Alphabet)
Hidden states

Prior Probabilities vector (Π)

Transition matrix (A) FIXME: datos no coinciden con PDF

Emission matrix (E)